What is shopify? How to start selling online.

by Shine18
What is shopify? How to start selling online.
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You ever wondered how online stores work, how they are built, which platform they are built upon. How merchants manage their stores online. How do they sell products online. In this article, we are going to talk about how to sell online on Shopify, a hosted commerce platform which provides easy solution to sell online, how does it work for selling online. How it makes your life easier in selling online, managing inventory, orders and all the features it provides.

How does shopify work

Starting selling on this platform is just a 1 minute process. You just have to go to the sign up page on shopify and enter your email and business name to start a store. Yes, it’s that easy. You will have a fully working online store in just a minute. Then it’s just the matter of adding your products and inventory.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or significant resources to start selling on shopify.

Shopify offers full store customization, an all in one solution, no products limit and it has powerful analytics. On shopify, you can sign up and start selling as quickly as possible. Shopify has themes which control how customers see your products at your store. Changing the design of your store is really easy by switching the theme to whichever you see most suitable for your business. We’ll read about this in detail in next paragraph.

Easier to build with

Ready for optimization

Simplified store maintenance

Hosted Commerce Software

Start Quickly. Shopify is a hosted platform on its own servers, so you don’t need to buy any kind of hosting plans. When you start selling and create a store, you will recieve naive hosting, shopping cart functionality, management software and sales channel integration with no additional fees or integrations.

Sell Anywhere

Shopify App Store - Sell Anywhere

With shopify, you can sell anywhere where your customers are. You can set up and connect your own domain to your store within the platform any time you want. It can easily integrate with Google, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and all other major commerce platforms.

Product Management

Shopify has collections in order to categorize the products in your store. For example, if I have a Mens and Womens products in my store, I would categorize them by creating a seperate collections for Men and Women.

Shopify is very flexible. It integrates with almost all of the other platforms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay etc. So, you can manage your inventory at one place. Products, Inventory are automatically synced with these platforms.

What are Shopify Plans

Basic Shopify

$29Per Month
  • All the basics for starting a new business


$79Per Month
  • Everything you need for a growing business

Advanced Shopify

$299Per Month
  • Advanced features for scaling your business

Shopify offers 14 day free trial when you sign up, so you can test the platform and see how things are and learn also. You can setup your store, add products, customize the store and do everything except for accepting orders. After that, you can choose a package from 3 of these. It has the most basic package which starts as lows as $29 per month.

Shopify Apps

Ready for optimization. It has its own app store, so if you need any extra functionality in your store like Wishlist, Newsletter signup, Product reviews, Currency conversions or emails marketing etc, you can easily add that by installing the app from store. It offers free as well as paid apps. This makes shopify an ever-evolving product, which has no limits. You can easily build the store of your dreams with the functionality you need, through thousands of robust third party apps and integrations, which are available in the app store.

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